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 CFOSME Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.

The objective is to provide shared CFO services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) that do not need or cannot afford full time CFO to fulfill this function or where the existing CFO may not have a particular expertise or bandwidth in a certain area. The goal is to provide all of the Strategic, Financial, Accounting and Compliance expertise that any business needs at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Focus on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

It is a globally accepted fact that the SME sector will have a big role to play in the business scenario of the following decade. These businesses have enormous potential to grow and have some of the exceptionally talented people managing them. Robust strategy and planning complimented by meticulous execution would ensure that these businesses make it to the big league in their respective industry sector.


Constraint for an SME

Though these businesses have top talent in the Operations and Marketing function, it is often seen that they lack a good Finance expert who can support them in their endeavor. This is particularly because of the high cost of a full time CFO who is an expert in finance, strategic planning, compliance, capital raising and cost and budgetary controls etc. The size of the SMEs does not often warrant the cost, although they need the skills and the expertise of a CFO to achieve their goals.


CFOSME- Shared CFO Services, is the answer

It is under such circumstances that Shared CFO Services comes to the rescue of SMEs. A shared CFO provides exactly the expertise required by a particular business and the business in turn incurs costs related to that specific expertise only. For eg. A business in existence for say a couple of years wants to raise capital from Venture Capital Funds. However, they do not have robust accounting processes, adequate internal controls or Management Information Systems. Such an unorganized system would not be appreciated by a prospective investor who expect that their Investee company should have all the above to ensure that their funds are used for the purpose it was raised and would also require accurate periodic reports to track the Investee’s performance. However, the size of the business is not such that it can afford to employ a full time CFO. Under the circumstances, the business can avail of the services of a shared CFO, who can commit a week every month to the business and designs all the required processes, policies, procedures and controls, trains the existing members of the accounts/finance team and implements the same in the business. The business only pays for a week per month for a few months but in turns gets one of the best available talent to do the work. It’s a win-win situation for all concerned.


Shared CFO service is one of the top growing financial consulting service worldwide. The SMEs are now getting aware that highly professional and cutting edge financial advice is now available to them at an affordable price. 

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